JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

30L Large Animal Anesthesia Bags Available NOW


As many people in the large animal veterinary field know, there is not always a consistent supply of 30 and 15L anesthesia bags.  Many manufacturers of these bags are no longer in business and rising costs have made many discontinue the products.

JD Medical has decided to bring our signature dependability and consistency to eliminate this lack of availability.  We now manufacture extremely durable, high-quality 30L anesthesia bags right here in the USA and soon our 15L bags will be ready as well.  Our 30L bags are made from a grey rubber material that provides added resistance to damaging UV light and a rugged nech to help withstand the rigors of heavy use.  As an added bonus we provide our anesthesia bags with a UV-filtering bag for storage to help increase the life span of the bags.

At 1/3 the price of Matrx and other vendors’ price, the JD Medical JDM-367-p-30 30L Anesthesia Bag and the soon to be available JDM-367-P-15 15L Anesthesia Bag are two equine products that will not only save you money but will help you deliver the best possible anesthesia and large animal veterinary care possible.  Whether you need 1 bag or large quantities, JD Medical can meet your need for bags.  Call or send us an email for pricing.