JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Environmentally Safe Anesthesia

In today’s rapidly changing world filled with environmental crises, it is the responsibility of corporations and individuals alike to do their part in order to preserve the environment. JD Medical has always made every effort to use manufacturing processes and to design equipment that did not negatively impact the environment and actually served to limit the creation of greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

One of the unique details about JD Medical and our efforts to preserve the environment is that none of the equipment that JD Medical manufactures or designs uses elecricity.  JD Medical is the only manufacturer of anesthesia ventilators that require no additional power to function.  This not only makes our equipment “GREEN,” but it also makes our equipment more reliable and durable.  Our machines are not limited to use only where there are electrical outputs and we are not constrained by the availability of power in an emergency.  This is an important part in disaster-prone areas where electrical service can be knocked out and services are not available when they are needed most.

Not only are many electrical components bad for the environment by consuming electricity, but they are also bad for the environment because the materials they are made from and the processes used to manufacture them are some of the most environmentally degrading manufacturing processes utilized today.  We seek to reduce these kinds of materials and free our products from these stigmas.  Using a JD Medical machine means that you are not only delivering accurate, reliable, and safe anesthesia to your patients but that you are also doing your part in reducing your energy consumption and helping save the planet.  No other manufacturer can say this.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our GREEN Ventilation, please read through our product pages and feel free to contact us via any of the multitudinous ways available.