JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Western Medical Medical Gas Equipment

Western Medical Medical Gas Equipment

JD Medical distributes the complete line of Western Medical products for medical gas pipeline systems.  One of the main differences between JD Medical and other distributors is that with JD Medical, you are buying a result, not simply a product.  When deadlines must be met and products must be available, we specialize in making it happen.  Our customers are the top installers who do not have time for supply issues and delays.  We are a stocking distributor of the equipment we supply and we also have a full advaced manufacturing facility in-house with a huge supply of all the necessary medical gas fittings and parts so that if a situation arises, we can do everything to make sure the customer and the project is not affected by it.  We are currently adding more information and images of these products so contact us directly if you have any questions.