JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

New for 2009: The first major development in anesthesia since the circle system!

JD Medical, since its start over 35 years ago, has always been a leader in the medical field. This can be seen once again when looking at the newest small animal anesthesia machine manufactured by JD Medical.

The VT-110-HCD is a small animal anesthesia machine that is unparalleled. When designing the VT-110-HCD, JD Medical sought to address the persistent problem of space and clutter that has plagued the medical and surgical fields since they began. Every piece of equipment that is added to the operating area adds another tripping hazard and another obstacle. In addition, the hoses and cords that are required to power the equipment pose more problems to the doctors, nurses, technicians, and even the patients. JD Medical is now the first to successfully solve these problems while still maintaining the functionality and user-friendliness of the anesthesia machine.

Instead of using a simple wall-mount as many have done, JD Medical has implemented a robust yet simple and clean hydraulic articulating arm in order to control the anesthesia machine and its placement. The arm easily supports the machine and vaporizer and it functions as a single continuous unit, a complete system. The arm allows the machine to be easily moved over the entire operating area and held firmly at any elevation within its range. The tension is adjustable from a recessed and adjustment point that is easy to reach but ensures that accidental adjustments or changed will not be made. Everything is designed with ease-of-use, functionality, ergonomics, and safety in mind. Like every other piece of JD Medical equipment, the VT-110-HCD is manufactured in the USA out of the highest quality materials available. User-friendly features such as quick-release latches for the absorber canister and stainless-steel pop-off valves are just some of the important features included with every anesthesia machine we manufacture. Even our quick-release latches are designed to be the best in the industry by not allowing for over-rotation which can cause unnecessary stresses on the spring and support as well as the plate, making the system wear out faster. This decreases the possibility that these parts would have to be replaced or repaired in the future, saving you money.

Please read through the VT-110-HCD Product Page for more information and contact us directly or by requesting a quotation through the website.