JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

3T-MRI Compatible Small Animal Anesthesia Machine: VT-110-MRI

vt-110-mri_1One of our newest products for small animal, the VT-110-MRI was designed with excellent cooperation from world-renowned research organizations in order to provide anesthesia to patients while undergoing MRI. These organizations required compatibility with the most powerful MRI units available, the 3T MRI. JD Medical accomplished 3T MRI Compatibility with the VT-110-MRI by taking our standard VT-110, which is made of mostly aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, and replacing components that had ferrous qualities with certifiably non-magnetic components. The highest-quality materials were used, as always, and the system passed the 3T MRI compatibility test without a hitch. We are now pleased to introduce the first 3T-MRI Compatible anesthesia machine for veterinary use.

Important Features

  • Expanded range Oxygen flowmeter (unique in the industry) for more accurate gas delivery
  • Clear-View, removable directional valves for easy cleaning
  • Highest quality pop-off valve available
  • Light weight for added mobility
  • small form factor takes up less space


Oxygen Flowmeter 0-4LPM with Dual Scale. Glass tube precision flow control
Absorber Durable CO2 absorber canister with stainless steel screen.
Absorber Seal Durable silicone U Gasket will never wear out
Oxygen Flush 60 lpm
MRI-Compatible Composite Patient Pressure Monitor -10 to +60 cmH2O range
Platform Chrome Polished stand, 27″ Spider base with rugged MRI-compatible casters
Included Accessories Patient Circuit, 2L Neoprene Bag, Manual
Warranty 18 Months

Optional Accessories

  • New Tec5 Vaporizer (Sevoflurane or Isoflurane)
  • Refurbished Tec5 vaporizer (agent and type upon customer’s request, depends on magnetic properties)
  • Non-Rebreathing circuits
  • .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L Neoprene bags (added longevity and durability)
  • Scavenger Adapters for high-vac and low-flow scavengers
  • F/Air canisters and adapters
  • Occlusion Valves