JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Small Animal Anesthesia Machine: VT-110-X

JD Medical brings you the latest technology for the delivery of anesthesia for the Veterinary Profession. Our innovative design allows for a simple, safe and controlled delivery of anesthetic agents while providing a unit which is completely field serviceable by your clinic staff.  The VT-110-X Small Animal Anesthesia Machine is unmatched in features and price.


Important Features of the VT-110-X Small Animal Anesthesia Machine

  • Expanded range Oxygen flowmeter (unique in the industry) for more accurate gas delivery
  • Ultra-Visible, vertical directional valves
  • Highest quality pop-off valve available
  • Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum, anodized and teflon coated for strength, durability, and corrosion resistance
  • Absorber Seals guaranteed against mfg. defects for life of machine
  • Light weight for added mobility
  • Small form factor takes up less space
  • Space to add a second vaporizer if desiered
  • Unique C shaped shelf design

Specifications of the VT-110-X Small Animal Anesthesia Machine

Oxygen Flowmeter 0-4LPM with Dual Scale. Glass tube precision flow control
Absorber Durable CO2 absorber canister with stainless steel screen.
Absorber Seal Durable silicone U Gasket will never wear out
Oxygen Flush 60 lpm
Patient Pressure Monitor -10 to +60 cmH2O range
Platform Chrome Polished stand, 27″ Spider base with rugged casters
Included Accessories Patient Circuit, 2L Neoprene Bag, Manual
Warranty 18 Months

Optional Accessories for the VT-110-X Small Animal Anesthesia Machine

  • New Tec3 Vaporizer (Sevoflurane or Isoflurane)
  • Refurbished vaporizer (agent and type upon customer’s request)
  • Non-Rebreathing circuits
  • .5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5L Neoprene bags (added longevity and durability)
  • Scavenger Adapters for high-vac and low-flow scavengers
  • F/Air canisters and adapters
  • Occlusion Valves