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Attane™ Isoflurane

attane_isofluraneAttane™ Isoflurane

JD Medical, in addition to our full line of anesthesia, medical gas, and respiratory equipment, is now proud to offer Attane™ Isoflurane to our customers and all other veterinary hospitals and animal research organizations.  Attane™ Isoflurane is the only Isoflurane manufactured in the United States and is done so with extreme care and attention.  Isoflurane has been the standard in veterinary medicine for years and is a wonderfully effective anesthetic agent.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the veterinary medical field, JD Medical is offering Attane™ Isoflurane at heavily discount prices in an effort to save our customers as much money as possible.  Contact us by filling out a quotation request form or call us directly at (602) 997-1758 to get pricing.