JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Large Animal Stand-Alone Ventilator: LAV-3000

The LAV-3000 is designed as a reliable, efficient, and effective large animal ventilator that readily connects to any existing anesthesia machine by removing the reservoir bag and connecting the interface hose in its place. The bellows of the LAV-3000 will now replace the function of the reservoir bag and act as a sensing device for the modified Mark 7 Servo.

Just like all of the other anesthesia equipment and ventilators manufactured by JD Medical, the LAV-3000 does not require any electric power. This means that not only is the machine a more environmentally-conscious choice, but the machine is also not bound by electrical outlets or power cords and when used with the optional E-cylinder mounting bracket, the LAV-3000 can be used almost anywhere.

The LAV-3000 allows the clinician to fully ventilate the patient. The ventilator is a pneumatic device that automatically pressurizes the space between the bellows and the canister forcing the bellows in an upward motion delivering anesthetic gases from the bellows through the interface hose.

The LAV-3000 is designed for facilities that currently use a passive anesthesia machine and wish to expand their capabilities to include full ventilation of their patients. The LAV-3000 provides a fantastic cost-saving option for facilities that wish to continue using their current passive anesthesia machine but wish to be able to ventilate as well. Rather than forcing these facilities to purchase more expensive complete anesthesia machine/ventilator units, JD Medical decided over 25 years ago that another option was necessary and the LAV-3000 was, and still is, the answer. The LAV-3000 is built on the same rigid stainless steel platform as the LAVC-2000 series anesthesia machines. It is an incredibly simple and user-friendly machine that is also rugged and reliable.



LAV-3000 Optional Equipment

  • Oxygen Supply Hose with or without quick-connect (must specify connection type and length)
  • Single Adjustable Stainless Steel Monitor Shelf
  • Double Adjustable Stainless Steel Monitor Shelf
  • Scavenger Interface Valve (specify type)
  • E-cylinder mounting bracket for portable use

Custom options and specifications available. The system can be modified to meet any need or special use. Please contact us for more information.


02 and N20 Delivery Precision Flometers (separate) 0-10 lpm ea. w/failsafe system.
Modified bird Mark 7 (rtm)
Patient Sensitivity
Inspiratory Pressure
Expiratory Time Control
Manual Cycle Control
-.5 to -5 cmH2O
5 to 65 cmH2O
5 sec. min./15 sec. max.
0 lpm to 450+ lpm
push/pull hand timer
Oxygen Flush 85 lpm
Volume Delivery Capacity 20,000cc
Patient Circuit Diameter / Length 2.0″ / 5′
Standard Endotracheal Tube Adaptor Cole, NAD,& Matrx
Operating Inlet Pressure 50 psi
Unit Dimensions 21-3/4″ w x 22-3/4 d x 50-1/2″h
Construction Materials Stainless Steel Frame w/Casters