JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Large Animal Anesthesia Machine: LAVC-2000-D-2

The LAVC-2000-D-2 is the absolute top of the line in large animal anesthesia. The LAVC-2000-D-2 is the same configuration as the LAVC-2000-D model but a second vaporizer and vaporizer switching system is added, allowing the operator to freely switch between 2 different anesthetic agents without having to move any fittings or physically switch vaporizers. Any configuration of vaporizers is available and all models of vaporizers can fit.IMG_5949

LAVC-2000-D-2 Optional Equipment

  • Oxygen Supply Hose with or without quick-connect (must specify connection type and length)
  • Single Adjustable Stainless Steel Monitor Shelf (Shown in the photo)
  • Double Adjustable Stainless Steel Monitor Shelf
  • Scavenger Interface Valve (specify type)
  • E-cylinder mounting bracket for portable use

Custom options and specifications available. The system can be modified to meet any need or special use. Please contact us for more information.

LAVC-2000-D-2 Specifications

02 and N20 Delivery Precision Flowmeters (separate) 0-10 lpm ea. w/failsafe system.
Tec-Type Vaporizers
(Other gasses available – please specify)
Concentrations from 0% to 5%
Modified bird Mark 7 (rtm)
Patient Sensitivity
Inspiratory Pressure
Expiratory Time Control
Manual Cycle Control
-.5 to -5 cmH2O
5 to 65 cmH2O
5 sec. min./15 sec. max.
0 lpm to 450+ lpm
push/pull hand timer
Oxygen Flush 85 lpm
Absorber Capacity 6500cc
Volume Delivery Capacity 20,000cc
Patient Circuit Diameter / Length 2.0″ / 5′
Standard Endotracheal Tube Adaptor Cole, NAD,& Matrx
Operating Inlet Pressure 50 psi
Unit Dimensions 21-3/4″ w x 22-3/4 d x 50-1/2″h
Construction Materials Stainless Steel Frame w/Casters