JD Medical Dist. Co., Inc.

Rodent Anesthesia Unit

JD Medical designed the VT-RAU, Rodent Anesthesia Unit, to fill a void in the lab animal anesthesia market.  Most lab animal anesthesia delivery stations have a large, awkward footprint and unnecessary components.  The VT-RAU is a simple yet effective laboratory animal anesthesia delivery system composed of only the necessary components for effective and efficient use with a small footprint that is barely larger than the vaporizer itself along with a sturdy frame and an ergonomic carrying handle for easy transportation to different labs or operating environments if necessary.  The VT-RAU can be used in a hood, on a lab bench, or in a customized operating environment.

The VT-RAU is also adaptable to many different operating situations.  It can be used as a standalone table-top anesthesia unit, a mobile unit mounted to a rolling stand, or added to a mobile base station along with a rodent induction chamber with standard 15mm fresh gas connections and isolation valves for directing gas to the correct areas.

VT-RAU JD Medical Standard Rodent Anesthesia Unit

JD Medical Standard Rodent Anesthesia Unit


VT-RAU With rolling stand and induction chamber

With rolling stand and induction chamber

The VT-RAU is also adaptable to any type of waste gas scavenging system.  Interfaces for high-vacuum scavenging, dedicated waste gas scavenger systems, and passive activated charcoal canisters.  We even have individual dedicated scavenger systems that can be added to the VT-RAU that give your lab the functionality of an active scavenging system that can be pumped to a hood or other outlet without costly construction or large pieces of equipment added to your operating environment.

Additionally, supply gas connections are configurable to meet the conditions of your operating station.  Portable cylinders can be utilized using a portable cylinder connection for up to 2 cylinders, system connections to all types of oxygen supply outlets are available, and custom hose lengths are made to fit.  Custom inlet gas control systems are available for lab applications using carrier gases other than oxygen.

The VT-RAU, Rodent Anesthesia Unit, is a simple, robust, and adaptable rodent anesthesia system perfect for any rodent or lab application.