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Our accumulated experience in the field of anesthesia represents over 50 years of dedication to excellence in manufacturing, training, and post-sales service.

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JD Medical manufactures both large and small animal veterinary anesthesia machines. Our 40 years of experience in the field has established us as the leader in large animal anesthesia and ventilation. Our reputation of post-sales service sets us apart from any competition with emphasis on custom modifications for special needs. We presently have worldwide distributors in place to service local requirements.

Featured Product

Mindray Veta5 Small Animal Anesthesia Machine

The Mindray Veta5 Small Animal Anesthesia System from JD Medical is the safest, most advanced and effective anesthesia system in veterinary medicine.  Not only is the Veta5 an incredible piece of equipment with its integrated ventilator, precision touchscreen controls, efficient workflow, and extremely high-quality construction, but with the addition of JD Medical exclusive accessories like the portable cylinder attachment, Bain interface, and other attachments and modifications it becomes an even more capable system, suited for every use case.  The integrated ventilator allows you to eliminate the risk of leaving the APL valve closed when switching between manual and automatic modes, setting parameters is precise and eliminates the guesswork of other veterinary ventilators, and with digital controls, the Veta5 can be updated and upgraded as new features and capabilities are added.  The Veta5 is the pinnacle of veterinary anesthesia, and JD Medical is the number one source in the US with 24/7 support included with every machine.

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