About JD Medical

JD Medical manufactures both large and small animal anesthesia systems. Our 34 years of experience in the field has established us as the leader in large animal anesthesia and ventilation. Our reputation of post-sales service sets us apart from any competition with emphasis on custom modifications for special needs. We presently have worldwide distributors in place to service local requirements.

Our accumulated experience in the field of anesthesia represents over 50 years of dedication to excellence in manufacturing, training, and post-sales service.

The corporation is lead by James Corcoran who has a sales engineering background which began with Bird Corporation, a world leader in respiratory and anesthesia products in the early 1970s. After Bird Corporation he started JD Medical and designed, developed, and fabricated anesthesia devices for both the human and veterinary field. Mr. Corcoran has strong ties to the both the human and veterinary communities throughout the world and his expertise often brings him to an advisory capacity to national and world organizations.

Joseph Corcoran joined the company after completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. He brings his past field service and education to us, offering a new dimension to our mission. Joseph has over 9 years of field experience in the veterinary field in clinical, service and engineering work. His close ties with the research departments of several major universities offer contacts normally available to a very exclusive group. Joseph has established himself with these teaching facilities in a capacity usually reserved for those well senior to his age.

JD Medical is constantly pursuing new opportunities and cutting edge product design and development and has recently developed a new line of portable anesthesia devices. With recent testing it has become apparent that this new product line has the ability to reach new markets across the globe and possibly create new markets.

Our small animal anesthesia device, Model VT-110, is proving to be the standard in design and operation in the world of small animal practices. As with all of the equipment JD Medical produces, our small animal anesthesia devices are held to the same extreme standards and the high quality of the equipment is made apparent by numerous years of service both in hospitals and in the field.

With sales extending to over 45 countries, our business is growing at a rapid rate and with no end in sight as the veterinary field is expanding across the globe. Animals have become irreplaceable members of families across the globe and the increasing demand for high-quality veterinary care has increased the demand for high-quality veterinary care equipment. JD Medical meets this demand with a complete line of time and field tested equipment.

All of our products are unique in design and delivery of anesthesia. Copies are often attempted but have never succeeded. Most of our anesthesia devices are still in service after 20 years and are capable of being updated and factory remanufactured which lends another branch to our business: Service. We are known for our service department, offering service to many national organizations as well as local facilities including the US Government departments and Barrows Neurological at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

One valuable feature of all of our anesthesia devices is that they are completely pneumatically controlled. This means that the devices require only a gas source to power our anesthesia delivery machines as well as our ventilators, lending another dimension in anesthesia delivery in the field, which can take you from the farms and zoos of the world to the battlefield if we seek FDA approval on some of our research devices now under development.

Aside from the details that we have provided in the brief description of our operation, let me assure you that JD Medical is merely scratching the surface of an ever expanding field.