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Flexineb Equine Nebulizer

JD Medical is proud to be a distributor for the Flexineb Equine Nebulizer!

Flexineb – Innovative Equine Nebulizer


silent, portable, comfortable, efficient, affordable, simple

  • The Flexineb has proven itself useful when nebulizing antibiotics, bronchodilators, corticosteroids and mucolytics.  Medications MUST be prescribed by veterinarians; end users should follow the advice of veterinarians at all times
  • Flexineb fits comfortably onto the horse’s nose as a result of the flexible material.  An adjustable control allows full control of the exit valve, enabling the caregiver to bypass the valve for easy breathing or to facilitate inhalation deep into the lungs.
  • A standard 10 milliliters medication cup is included.  A 20 milliliter extension is provided to facilitate volumes of up to 20 milliliters.  No medication remains in the cup after treatment.
  • The transparent aerosol holding chamber allows the user to see the aerosol mist being generated by the Flexineb technology, in conjunction with the horse’s breathing emptying the chamber and receiving the fine particle aerosol.
  • Cleaning is easy.  Simply wash with warm, soapy water.  Disinfecting is done by using cold sterilization methods.flexineb-logo1