Aeolus UC-1901 Stainless Steel Veterinary ICU Oxygen Cage

-Widely used for Normothermia maintenance, fluid transfusion, oxygen supplement, blue light therapy, nebulization treatment, emergency rescue, and in house observation.
-Convenient self-diagnostic and all the components are easy to be replaced.
-Safer as a result of power supply failure protection and ventilation fan control.
-Creating a friendly medical circumstance by Ultraviolet Sterilization, High Concentration Negative Ion Air Purification, Temperature and Humidity Control, Carbon –Dioxide Monitoring and Removal, Oxygen Concentration and Medical Nebulizer.
-Four separately controlled compartments provide specialized and individual cooling and heating. 
-Two medium compartments on top tier, one large compartment on bottom tier which could be divided into two medium compartments when needed.
-Operating History Documenting Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Density and O2 Density, displayed in intuitive curves, providing up to 72 hours maximum tracking. 
-Designed for the mounting all necessary accessories, such as IV pole, infusion pump, syringe pump, monitor, and door shade curtain