Mindray BeneFusion e-Series Syringe Pump

Intuitive Interaction

-3.5” colored capacitive touchscreen brings users an excellent experience with smooth operation.

-Intuitive user interface enables quick programming of key parameters, making workflow process much easier

Fast Preparation

-SmartRapid: ensures timely infusion by significantly shortening the start-up time, from turning on the pump to delivering the first drop of medication. (turn on 2 seconds, syringe loading 4 seconds, first drop delivery 3 seconds).

-Efficient IV Set Loading Process: Benefusion eVP is designed to streamline the process of loading and IV set, making it more efficient

Quick in Problems Solving:

-Dynamic pressure system with a speedometer style indicator with numerical pressure to monitor the in-line pressure trend just with a glance.

-Alert with a visual message about the possible occlusion before interrupting the infusion.

-Auto-attempting mechanism enables infusion resume as early as possible to ensure continuous infusion.

Efficiency in Safety

-Precise Infusion performance with high accuracy (eSP +/- 1.8%, eVP +/-5%) and long-hour accuracy assured.

-Automatic Multi-Channel Relay. Benefusion e-series supports both circular and customized relay to make sure the continuity of infusion. Smooth relay workflow ensures stable and seamless drug-giving process.

Efficiency in Application

-Benefusion eSP and eVP satisfy various infusion purposed by combing all functions together (nutrition, PCA, Neonatal, TCI/TIVA, Blood Transfusion)

Flexible Docking Solution

-Modular docking design of Benefusion eDS enables easy expansion from 2 to 16 slots.

-Ingenious design ensures easy plug-in of pumps

Efficiency in Informatics

-Integrated central monitoring offering one-stop monitoring of all patients’ vial sign and infusion treatment details, providing comprehensive information for clinical workers to improve the quality of patient care