Equine Demand Valve and Accessories

The Equine Demand Valve is a unique compact oxygen demand valve for Equine applications.  The valve provides invaluable post-anesthesia recovery support as well as fast and easy emergency oxygen delivery.  The JD Medical Equine Demand Valve uses a standard 50PSI oxygen source to provide 160LPM oxygen flow at the push of a button or at the demand of the horse.  Available with an interchangeable endotracheal tube adapter system to allow for the quick and leak-free switching of tube sizes.  Cook and Snyder tube adapters are also available.  JD Medical builds every supply hose to order and all lengths and connections (DISS, different quick-connect types, etc.) are available.  Please specify hose lengths and supply connection when ordering.

Equine Demand Valve Specifications

Inlet pressure 50-75 psi
Delivery Pressure 0-40 mm HG
Inspiratory Effort @ 50 psi 0 to 2.5 cm H2O to start flow
Maximum Flow 160 lpm
Filtration 4 micron