Pop-Off Occlusion Valve

At first glance, the Pop-Off Occlusion Valve is a standard, run-of-the-mill occlusion valve, just like any other.  The purpose of the valve is to restrict the exhaust side of the pop-off valve so that the person administering anesthesia can bag the patient without having to close the pop-off valve.  This provides a very important leve of safety because it virtually eliminates the possibility of leaving the pop-off valve closed and causing injury or even death to the patient.  As you look closer at the JD Medical occlusion valve, and upon depressing the button, you soon notice that this valve was designed with the users’ safety in mind.  In fact, the JD Medical Pop-Off Occlusion Valve is the only occlusion valve on the market designed to seal around the button when bagging the animal.

We listened to the concerns and suggestions of our customers and realized that while they love the idea of the occlusion valve, when using the existing valves on the market they were smelling the anesthetic agent coming out around the buttons.  This, to JD Medical, was unacceptable.  We then sought to create a valve that prevented this and the JD Medical Pop-Off Occlusion Valve is the result of out engineering efforts.  We bring you the ONLY occlusion valve on the market that has your safety in mind.